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The TRAUMA RECOVERY INSTITUTE (TRI) is a California non-profit corporation 501(c)3.  All donations are tax deductible.  Please see the following for donation directions.


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 TRI pioneers a treatment for combat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder that transforms the Disorder into Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

Combat PTSD is different from the various other types of PTSD (i.e., rape, violent attack, and natural disasters, etc.)  The training and expectations of soldiers makes them a unique PTSD population.

Treatment for this unique population is described in the new book, The Alchemy of Combat, by Larry Decker, Ph.D.

The Alchemy of Combat may be purchased at both and

"There are those who go to war and those who don't.  Those of us who don't are told by those who do that combat is a chaotic, bloody, horrible mess that many men and some women, nevertheless believe is an ultimate experience.  However, after the adrenaline of battle has waned, the shaking has subsided, and the veteran has returned "home," many combat veterans experience the downsides of that "ultimate experience": depression, anger and the overwhelming feelings of grief and anxiety.  That emotional aftermath of war we now characterize as a psychological disorder--Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)"  (page 11).

The above is the opening paragraph to the new book, The Alchemy of Combat, by Larry Decker, Ph.D.  The book describes a form of treatment directed towards transforming combat PTSD in Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

The Trauma Recovery Institute (TRI) was formed in 1986,  is one of the oldest of California non-profits, to provide free counseling for those veterans ineligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) services.  It also provides supervision for trauma therapists, workshops on treatment of combat trauma, academic colloquia, and other speaking engagements.

As a 501(c)3 all donations to TRI are tax deductible.

TRI will publish a monthly news letter discussing the process of treatment for combat PTSD.  If you would like to receive the newsletter please leave your name and email below.  TRI is applying for continuing education status for all mental health licensees.

TRI is directed by Larry Decker, Ph.D. a California licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 5550).  Dr. Decker has over 35 years of experience in both the Department of Veterans affairs and in Independent Practice treating combat veterans of all wars.  He has presented numerous workshops, technical papers, and hospital grand rounds.  He is credited with many scholarly publications in technical journals.

Dr. Decker was recently invited to present via video a training seminar of the treatment of PTSD in the Ukraine.  The following link will take you to the youtube video:




In combat ordinary ways of thinking no longer exist.  There is a melting of regular beliefs.  New understandings begin to overwhelm the soldier's ordinary beliefs.

Here is the work of the therapist--can these new ways of believing be incorporated and made into powerful perspectives.  Alchemy asserts that in order for the greater person to emerge former ways of thinking must dissolve.  Treatment provides a process for the accommodation of new beliefs.  The new book, The Alchemy of Combat details how this treatment might proceed.  The book is currently available on both and





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